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We’ve all heard the stories about vaping, but what are the most
            common myths and lies told about vaping? Let’s check them out!

        Everyone has had someone come up to them               of Medicine which found that vaping produced
        when they’re vaping and roll out a few of the          formaldehyde. What they didn’t do, was
        common myths and lies told about vaping.               test vaping correctly. They used machines
        Between the media, big pharma, and big                 that ‘simulated’ vaping conditions. They ran
        tobacco, it’s no wonder that vaping has been           temperatures so high that no vaper would ever
        facing an uphill battle. Let’s check out some          be able to vape at, dry hit temperatures. There
        of the more popular myths and lies told about          are hundreds of studies debunking this one study
        vaping!                                                available online.

        E-Liquid and E-Juice Is Full of Chemicals Which        Vaping or E-cigarettes Creates Popcorn Lung
        Are Bad for You                                        This one gets rolled out almost every other day.
        The truth is there are very few ingredients in         Popcorn lung is the result of inhaling diacetyl
        e-liquid. VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene       which is found in popcorn flavouring. The
        Glycol), Flavouring, and Nicotine (Optional). All      biggest problem with this one is that not one
        these ingredients, except nicotine, are found in       confirmed case has ever been made of a vaper
        many everyday products.                                contracting popcorn lung from vaping. Smokers
                                                               are exposed to diacetyl levels 750 times higher
        There Is Anti-Freeze In E-Liquid or E-Juice            than vapers.
        This is a classic. One of the ingredients in anti-
        freeze is propylene glycol. How this ends up as        E-liquid and E-juice Flavours Are Aimed at
        anti-freeze in e-liquid has never been clear. Many     Children
        things we consume and use every day contain            There are thousands of different e-liquid flavours
        ingredients which are used by other products. PG       available. People are stuck smoking cigarettes
        is used in anti-freeze to make it less dangerous if    that taste like cigarettes because that’s the
        anyone swallowed it.                                   nature of the product. Why would anyone that
                                                               didn’t have to, want to vape tobacco flavours?
        Vaping Produces Formaldehyde                           Just because the flavours are sweet candy or
        Another great ‘fact’ that anti-vapers like to          desserts, doesn’t mean they’re aimed at chil-
        roll out. There is nothing better than someone         dren. Adults enjoy candy just as much, if not
        sucking on a cigarette and lecturing you               more than children.
        about how dangerous vaping is! Scientists
        published a study in the New England Journal           Vaping Is Just as Bad for You, Or Worse Than
                                                               There are hundreds of studies out there that have
                                                               found vaping to be safer and better for you than
                                                               smoking cigarettes. Some studies have gone as
                                                               far as to suggest that vaping could be up to 95%
                                                               better for you than smoking.
                                                                  It’s important as vapers that we continue to
                                                               educate smokers, and the general public, about
                                                               the benefits of vaping. While vaping may not be
                                                               harmless or perfect, the alternative of smoking is
                                                               already well-known to be much worse. Keep an
                                                               open mind when someone asks you questions
                                                               about vaping. You could just change someone’s
                                                               life for the better!

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